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Brief Summary of Omicron: What to Do Now

Omicron is a much more rapidly spreading variant of COVID that has grown from first report on Nov 25 to a record global spike of cases that is already several times the level of Delta. It has 60 mutations, many more than previous...

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COVID Event Safety: Follow the Science

Straight talk about COVID myths and facts, plus safety tips and resources, from a nurse practitioner and events professional

COVID Event Safety: Follow the Science

Greta Fox, FNP-BC

08/03/2021 Revised 12/27/21


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Warum man Covid ernst nehmen sollte

Covid ist eine schwere Krankheit - Eine Infektion mit diesem Virus kann schwerwiegende Folgen haben, einschließlich Krankenhausaufenthalt, Tod und Behinderung durch Long-Covid. Selbst so genannte "milde Fälle", bei denen kein...

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Statement of Scientific Facts

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Why COVID Matters

COVID is a Severe Disease - Infection with this virus can have serious consequences including hospitalization, death, and disability from long COVID. Even so-called “mild cases”...

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