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WHN Science Communications is the official publication of the World Health Network dedicated to critical transdisciplinary material on the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Interview With Sunil Raina About India

CP: Until the surge last April, India was doing a good job of containing the epidemic. What was it doing right?

SR: I believe the most important thing India did right at the beginning was to impose a strict lockdown early on, when...

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Interview With Meir Rubin About Israel

CP: What brought the Wuhan outbreak to your attention so early on, when most of the world remained unaware of the danger? 

MR: It was no coincidence. At the time, I was deeply immersed in the study of possible threats the Israeli...

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When and How to Reopen?

Summary: If we reopen carelessly, new cases will surge and further lockdowns will be required. From our recent experience, we know how to reopen safely. Why shouldn’t we?

We have seen this so many times in so many places during the...

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The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet

It’s happening again. At the very moment when we should maintain strict safety measures and aim for the elimination of this virus, governments are loosening restrictions, telling people to remove their masks, and recommending that people...

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