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The Time has Come for Clean Indoor Air

Welcome to the Dawn of Clean Indoor Air

Just as the movement for clean drinking water revolutionized public health, we stand at the brink of a similar transformative moment for clean indoor air. The significance of breathing pure, healthy air inside our schools, workplaces, and favorite hangouts cannot be overstated. It’s a matter of well-being, productivity, and fundamental health.

The push for better air quality indoors is gaining momentum, and it’s time for us to play our part. The resources and information available here are designed to not only educate but also empower you to become an advocate for clean air in your community. Whether you’re speaking to school boards, discussing with your employer, or chatting with local business owners, you’re carrying forward a message that matters.

Take a stand for clean indoor air. Explore, learn, and share. Together, we can make every breath a breath of fresh air.

First, let’s recap a key lesson from COVID-19 – how respiratory viruses spread via the airborne route:

Finally recognizing the shift, now in 2024 the WHO addresses airborne transmission with their latest document:

Beyond just fighting germs, the Boston Public Schools and Boston University partnership shows how clean indoor air efforts tackle problems like city pollution, too. Here’s how they’re making schools a breath of fresh air.

See live data: Boston Public Schools Indoor Air Quality Sensor Dashboard

Ready to spread the word? Check out these shareable infographics that highlight the essentials of clean indoor air. Perfect for printing or sharing online!

If your discussions with decision-makers spark interest, consider sharing this more detailed proposal for new clean indoor air standards.

Last reviewed on May 2, 2024

Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference

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Get involved Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference