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Symposium: The Impact of Long COVID on Health, Society, and Economies

Clinicians, researchers and patients joined to discuss the latest advances in long COVID research and its impacts on health, society, and economies.

With every passing day, we find more evidence that getting infected, or reinfected by COVID leads to the risk of chronic disease, long-term disability, and increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, brain damage, and impairment of the immune system. We see a worsening impact on families, communities, the workforce, and the economy. 

This symposium covered aspects of long COVID and the latest research findings, including:

  • What is long COVID? 
  • What does it mean to live with it?
  • How does it manifest? 
  • What are the underlying disease mechanisms? 
  • What can we do if we have long COVID? 
  • How can we protect ourselves?

Speaker Presentations

Intro to Long COVID – Gunhild Nyborg, PhD
Children with Long COVID, A Personal Journey – Binita Kane, MD
Cardiovascular Long-Term Effects of Long COVID – Rae Duncan, MD
Clinical Research in Long COVID – The Challenges and Opportunities – Amitava Banerjee, PhD
Long COVID Patient Experience – Robi Tamargo, PsyD
Neurological Long-Term Effects of COVID – Andrew Ewing, PhD
Long COVID from a Clinician’s Perspective – Claire Taylor, MD
What Causes Long COVID? Microclots – Resia Pretorius, PhD
Post COVID ME/CFS & Role of GPCR Antibodies – Carmen Scheibenbogen, MD, PhD
RNA Persistence after Acute Virus Infections: Relevance to Long COVID Diane E. Griffin, MD, PhD
What are the Implications of long COVID for Society – Cecile Philippe, PhD
Self-Care is a Community Effort: Pathways to Abrupt Social Change – Matti Heino, PhD
Protecting Ourselves from Long COVID – The Five Pillars of Prevention – Yaneer Bar-Yam, PhD
Long COVID Questions and Answers


Gunhild Nyborg, MD, PhD
Robi Tamargo, PsyD
United States
Claire Taylor, MD
United Kingdom
Binita Kane, MD
United Kingdom
Andrew Ewing
Andrew Ewing, PhD
Rae Duncan, MD, PhD
United Kingdom
Amitava Banerjee, MD, PhD
United Kingdom
Resia Pretorius, PhD
South Africa
Carmen Scheibenbogen, MD, PhD
Diane Griffin, MD, PhD
United States
Matti Heino, PhD
Cecile Philippe, PhD
Yaneer Bar-Yam, PhD
United States
Last reviewed on February 7, 2023

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