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Self Isolation when you get infected

This guideline is for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 but have mild or no symptoms. Mild symptoms include low fever, mild fatigue, coughing, but without pneumonia symptoms and with no accompanying chronic illness. Where local medical resources are strained and cannot hospitalize individuals with moderate or even worse symptoms, this document can also provide guidance. Please keep in mind that advice provided here is designed for mild/no symptom individuals.

Isolation Time and Exit Process

The World Health Network, guided by the scientific advice of the Covid Action Group, made these recommendations in response to the 12/27/21 revised CDC Update that reduced SARS-COV2 positive individuals’ isolation time to 5 days[3]. The recommendations are intended for local public health officials in the United States as well as globally who consider using the CDC’s recommendation without adapting it to their context and the latest scientific knowledge. The CDC’s changed recommendation for isolation of 5 days has not been justified based upon scientific analysis of the prevention of transmission, but rather on employer staffing needs due to substantial numbers of infected individuals.