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School Safety Working Group

The School Safety Working Group is made up of a variety of individuals from all over the world, with the joint mission of creating safer schools and educational opportunities for our youth, their families, and those working in educational settings. Members include parents of children attending in-person schools, homeschooling families, educators, and simply concerned individuals. As a team, we create resources and actions that empower and support individual and collective actions at all levels: the classroom, school, county, state, and national. We share information and resources on alternative learning programs, such as virtual public schooling and homeschooling, as well as virtual social opportunities. We also discuss air quality, masks/respirators, wastewater data analysis, communication strategies, and recent legal actions and translate them into tools and tips of things we can do right now to create safer educational and social experiences, in our homes, communities, and world. 

Last reviewed on February 5, 2023
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Contact us to let us know if you want to participate in the effort of the School Safety Working Group, or if you want to work with others on implementing Safe School practices in your community.

    Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference

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    Get involved Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference Together We Have the Power to Make a Difference